Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Texas Summer Beer

Surprisingly DELICIOUS and Potent - Perfect for BBQ's!

One thing I've learned is that my posts about cocktails or imbibe seem to get hits faster and in great abundance.  Texas Summer beer was introduced to me by my lovely and worldly friend, Sondra.  We served this at the Super Bowl and it's lethal, but on par with some of the best cocktails I've had (at some of the most shi shi locations).

I'll let Sondra explain the recipe in her own words:

One Bottle Vodka (your choice - higher end is a smoother hangover)
Two Cans of Frozen Pink Lemonade
About 6 Cans of Coors Light (or any tasteless light beer)

Mix together in a big beverage cooler. Stir.

Poor over lots of ice.  Top off with some of the light beer to add a fresh frothy feel if you wish.

 Obviously, this drink will hurt if not managed properly.  A good rule of thumb ratio is 1:1 - 1 Texas Summer Beer to 1 EQUALLY SIZED glass of water (Angela here - this rule saved me during the superbowl).  Pace Yourself.  Also, best not to serve this to your known "asshole-drunk" friends.

Enjoy yourself y'all

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  1. This is also called Pink Panty Pulldown... So tasty and so klassy!