Saturday, October 1, 2011's easier than you think

Lobster has always been one of those daring dishes that I've been both fascinated by and terrified of.  On our recent trip to Boston, we stayed with Mike's friend Brian - a fellow chef and man of World Cuisine.  Brian not only made us lobster, but taught me how to make lobster.  Like most of my favorite recipes, this one could not be more simple.  Soooooo worth the buttery, perfect deliciousness.  Don't be afraid.  Pour a glass of wine, find your confidence, and do it!

Ask for lively lobsters (the more they fight you, the fresher they my vegan friends, I apologize).

-4 Lobsters, 1-1 1/2 pounds each*
-Butter (approx 2 Tbsp-per-person)
-1 loaf of Frozen Garlic Bread
-A few sheets of old newspaper for serving
*Store Lobsters in the fridge until you are ready to to cook.  1-lobster-per-person, so adjust according to how many people you intend to serve.

1/ Remove Lobsters from their bag and place in the sink.  Do NOT add water to the sink.

2/ Fill a large, deep pot with water.  Add a dash or two of salt.  Place on a burner and heat on high until water is boiling.

3/ Select your first lobster, and using a pair of kitchen shears remove the plastic band around each claw.  Pick up lobster from the torso with the face and claws facing away from you.  Lift the lid of the pot, and put the lobster in head and claws first.  Do this quickly and replace the lid.  Follow the same steps with your second lobster in a timely manner (your pot should be big enough to accommodate two at a time).  Set the timer for 10 minutes.

4/ Check lobster after 10 minutes.  When the lobster is cooked it should appear bright red and the tail should curl under.  Once the lobster is ready, remove with a good, sturdy set of tongs (this is probably the most tricky step because the lobster is heavy, so be careful).  

Place first two lobsters in a bowl and cover with a towel.  Add second set of lobsters to the pot of boiling water and cook an additional 10-12 minutes.

5/ In the meantime, prepare the garlic bread as called out on the package.  Slice chunks of butter and place in a microwave safe glass or bowl.  Melt on low heat to avoid bubbling.  

6/ Cover your table with newspaper and divide butter into individual serving dishes.  Place each lobster on a large plate.  Serve with garlic bread in the middle to share.


  1. oh god this still looks daunting!! but very much worth it!! where did you buy your live lobster from?

  2. We were in Boston, but lobster tanks are somewhat common in grocery stores with a good fish section. Otherwise, I'd recommend looking at your local fish market (in Redondo, we have Captain Kidds...I'm sure there are some great ones in Costa Mesa/Huntingon.) Be brave, it's fun!